Archives: April 2016

Truly a Mission in Motion

4/29/2016 in Category

Even as leaders follow up with new believers and fence-sitters from winter and spring break trips, they are diligently working to get more kids to YFC Camp this summer. A 2nd City Life... More

Can You Help Me?

4/22/2016 in Category

"I have no place to sleep tonight and I don't know what to do. Can you help me find a place to stay?" 

Recently I've run into this situation twice. On Good Friday I got a call from Jay*... More

Beautifully Broken

4/15/2016 in Category

Camps are often an opportunity to affirm the truth that has been consistently and gently presented throughout our weekly Clubs. With a team of God-loving people praying from home, we were... More

Good Good Father

4/7/2016 in Category

"I want to tell you more about my story before the week is over."  After receiving this text from one of my small group girls on our Florida spring break trip, we got to sit down together... More