Thank you for your interest in investing in the life-changing ministry of the Kankakee City Life Center. Your support is a direct investment in the life of a student in the Kankakee area. Whether large or small, your support is important. There are a variety of ways to partner with YFC and support the Kankakee City Life Center.



YFC and the City Life Center ministry are entirely funded by friends of YFC who donate time and money to support this mission. We receive no governmental funding for any of our operations or activities. The annual budget for the operation of the City Life Center is $97,000. Currently our City Life program is underfunded by approximately $27,000, so any financial contributions directly support our efforts and continue to reach the lost youth in Kankakee with the gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Fundraising - Since YFC is funded by the Local Community, fund raising efforts for under-resourced ministry sites such as the Kankakee City Life Center are always welcome and appreciated. To learn more about how to help through fundraising, contact Chuck Maw at

Ministry Staff Support - Funds to support additional staff hours and individuals to expand our ministry outreach to a greater number of local youth who need to hear the gospel mission. To learn how to support a specific staff member, contact Chuck Maw at

Program Development - Support a specific program or ministry such as Student Internships or the All Stars Program. To learn how to support a specific ministry program, contact Chuck Maw at


There are a variety of ways to support the Kankakee City Life Center through donating your time, talents, and abilities. We are always looking for more loving volunteers to help grow our ministry. Regardless of your interest and skill set, there is a way to serve with YFC.

Consultant - Volunteers willing to guide staff and volunteers with support opportunities

Mentors - Volunteers willing to meet students to provide academic, life, and spiritual support

Volunteer Appreciation - Individuals willing to show unique gratitude to our volunteer team

Building Maintenance - Individuals gifted in building and light industrial skills willing to help with various facilities needs

Community Ambassador - Individuals who can guide and support our staff in community awareness outreach regarding our YFC ministry impact

Event Planning - Volunteer guidance for planning and execution of our City Life Events

Grant Writing - Volunteers gifted with knowledge of grant writing to support and guide staff in writing funding grants for the City Life Center

Bus/Van Drivers - CDL Licensed drivers willing to drive YFC vehicles to pick up or transport kids for trips or local event and activities

Meals - Volunteers to provide meals for our weekly scheduled evening programs

Clothing - Clothing donations needed to provide to kids in need during clothing drives throughout the year