Ripple Effect


Our mission at Youth For Christ is to reach kids who are far from God with the Gospel message. A huge component of how we do this is through the help of our Core students. These are students who love Jesus and not only see Campus Life as a loving, Christ-centered community but also as their mission field to reach their friends and peers with the Gospel.

It is a great joy to mentor, disciple, and train our Core students in evangelism and see them boldly share their faith with their peers.  I’ve had the privilege to journey with one Core student, Isaac, throughout his high school career.  I have loved watching him play sports, interact and play with my own kids who love him, and bring so much energy and engagement to our weekly Campus Life clubs.  My favorite thing about Isaac is his love for the Lord and desire for his peers to know Him!  

Isaac has a heart to serve and often stays after club to clean up and is the first to volunteer whenever there is a need. This month he will be spending a week serving in Guatemala with our Project Serve team. Beyond taking advantage of opportunities to serve, Isaac has stepped up as a leader and become an ambassador for the mission. He sees the impact Campus Life has on his friends who don’t know Jesus yet and he regularly invites them into our Campus Life community.  In addition, he and his best friend started a prayer group that meets before school once a week. Isaac has embodied the mission of Youth For Christ and is reaching students in his school that would otherwise never hear about Campus Life or the Gospel.

Isaac has had a huge impact in YFC over the past for years as a student leader and is looking forward to continuing his involvement. In the fall, Isaac will be serving as a middle school volunteer in a Campus Life site near the college he is attending.  The ripple effect YFC can have in a kid’s life, their friendships, their school, and beyond is remarkable.

Sara Burgett - Campus Life Director