Where Are They Now?


The nature of student ministry is that we have a few years to build relationships with students, learn their stories, and share the truth of the Gospel with them. For many, we have the opportunity to see them begin a relationship with Christ and start their life-long journey of following Christ. However, for others, we send them off to life after high school and pray that the seeds that have been planted continue to grow.

The holiday break is a unique opportunity to catch up with Campus Life alumni and hear where they are now. This past month, I had the privilege of hearing the stories of several long-time students after their first semester out of high school. Here are few of their stories:

Leslie* accepted Christ during her time at Campus Life. After high school, she joined the military and completed an intense few months of basic training. She is currently in the middle of her specialty training to service technical equipment and computers. She said that she's been a pseudo Campus Life director for some of her platoon mates as she's shared her faith with them and started a regular prayer meeting. Others are coming to her regularly for advice, support, and encouragement.

David* left high school and ended his time with Campus Life not really knowing how he felt about God and what he believed about Jesus. Shortly after starting college up in Milwaukee, David got connected with a campus ministry group called Cru. Through his involvement in this ministry, David has continued to get to know God and is discovering what it looks like to live for Christ. David took a week of his Christmas break to attend a Christian conference for college students and had a blast!

Justin* has struggled socially his first semester at school and shared about missing the family dynamic and positive environment that Campus Life created for back in high school. Justin has been hot and cold regarding his faith but every time he comes home, he seems drawn back to the loving environment he experienced at Campus Life

Though their time at Campus Life is over, the relationships they have formed and the experiences they have shared continue to impact their lives long after high school. It is our privilege to continue to do life with students and see how God is at work in their lives.

Rob Scott - Campus Life Director

*Names have been changed. 

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