Does God Really Notice Me?

During the Florida Spring Break Trip, I had the privilege of leading a combined group of high school boys from my current and former Campus Life groups. I challenged these young men to really consider the claims of Christ and the message of the Gospel in their lives. I encouraged them to vocalize their thoughts. Throughout that week I had several one-on-one interactions with these students who were wrestling with questions like “Does God exist”, “Does God really notice me”, and “Do I have worth?” God’s Spirit was heavy in those moments, and His pursuit of these young men hasn’t stopped there. 

does god.jpg

The day after we returned from Florida was Easter Sunday. That morning, three of them came walking through the doors of my church! These three students have begun to learn about God in an in-depth way, and have begun to invite friends to join them on Sundays. Three has turned into six, and they continue to invite more to join them. 

Three of these young men are continuing to go to their high school group in their home community on Sunday mornings. In the past, they would leave after the high school group and would skip the Sunday morning service. They would make the claim that the preaching wasn’t relevant to their lives. Since the Florida Trip, these three young men still go to their group, and they still leave before service begins. However, the reason they leave is to drive 20 minutes to attend a church that is pastored by Jovan Marshall, a local pastor and current YFC staff member. These three have grown close to Jovan and his family, and are being mentored through his church. 

God is growing in the hearts of these young lives, and is starting to use them to multiply for His glory!

- Kyle Lamb, Campus Life Director