On Monday I was going through the typical day to day routine when I received a call from a principal about one of my students. They called to inform me that Josh* had been expelled and that he needed to be picked up by someone. They asked if I would be willing to do that for him, since his family was unavailable. I said yes and off I went to pick him up.

Josh has faced a lot, including moving from his hometown his junior year of high school and issues at home. Josh was a pretty bitter and angry student.

Once he reached out to me and I picked him up, we spent the entire day together. We grabbed some lunch, which is where he told me what was going on and how he was planning to run away. Before he went any further, I asked him if he would like to join us for Campus Life that night and he said yes.  He came, got plugged in right away, and had a blast hanging out with the other students. When the evening was over, I was able to get him to the house where he was staying and assured his parents that he was not running away. 

This is just one example of how your support and prayers are making a difference!

- Daniel Vazquez, Campus Life Director

*Name has been changed