I'm A Good Kid


Steve* one of our City Life mentors from our All-Stars ministry has been mentoring a middle school student named Richard* for a few months now. Every week, Steve meets with Richard at his school. Richard’s school administration suggested that Steve begin to meet with him because Richard had been getting into arguments at school and started skipping classes. Their relationship got off to a rocky start and Steve struggled to connect with Richard until he asked him this one question:

“Tell me one thing that you think I should know about you?”

Richard stared at Steve for a few moments, clearly caught off guard by his question, then he responded by saying:

“You should know that I’m a good kid.” 

Fast Forward a few months to when Richard got called down to the Principal’s office for fighting another student. Steve showed up to meet with Richard who was visibly frustrated to be seen in trouble. Steve spoke with Richard and eventually asked him:

“Do you remember what you told me when we first met?”

Richard responded as he remembered that he told Steve he was a good kid.

Steve asked him:

“What do you believe I think about you now that you are in trouble for fighting? 

“You think that I’m a bad person,” Richard said as he looked down and away from Steve.

Steve responded immediately saying:

“No! I don’t see you as a bad person, you just made a poor decision….”

This was an amazing response from Steve who continued to plant the seeds of the Gospel in his conversation with Richard. This may have been the first time a loving adult told Richard that he was not a bad kid. It is moments like these that open the door to the Gospel and make an eternal impact in a student’s life. Immediately after this interaction, Richard who was normally closed off and distant began to open up to Steve and even shared about his life.

We praise God for seemingly small moments like these that are paving the way for students to experience Christ’s love and the hope of the Gospel. Please join us in praying that God would continue to give our leaders the wisdom and opportunities to reach students like Richard.

Travis Smith - City Life Director of Ministry Advancement

*Names has been changed