The Dirty Dozen

dirty dozen.JPG

Just one week ago, our group loaded up on buses and began our long journey to Panama City Beach for our much anticipated Spring Break Trip. Our group from Downers Grove included 10 students and 2 adult leaders. As a result, we quickly took on the nickname “The Dirty Dozen” while on our trip.

While the nickname was intended as a joke, we soon realized that it was symbolic of the experiences many of these students shared.  These young people felt dirty and unworthy because of the mess in their lives. Throughout our week in Florida, we saw walls come down and heard stories of hurt, pain, and brokenness pour out of our students.  As each student shared their pains and brokenness, God’s presence was so clearly evident.  With great joy we watched our heavenly Father offer healing and restoration that our students were eager to accept.

Of the 10 students that attended from our group, 4 students said “yes” to Jesus for the very first time and 4 others recommitted their lives to the Lord. We praise God for their decisions and commitments and are thankful for the opportunity to walk with these students as they discover what it looks like to follow Jesus.

In 7 short days, we saw lives forever changed through experiencing God’s unconditional love. Life-changing trips and stories like these are possible because of the amazing community of people who support the mission of Youth For Christ. Your prayers and financial support of YFC is made an eternal difference in lives of these 10 students and countless others. Thank you for your commitment to helping young people find new life in Christ.

Rob Scott
Downers Grove Campus Life Director