Learning to Let God In


Michelle is a new local Campus Life Director who recently shared this story about Bailey*, one of the students she accompanied to Middle School YFC Camp this summer…

With some kids, it is a real challenge to get them engaged and involved with activities and other people, even at camp. I’ve known Bailey for a while now. Her story is full of brokenness and she is usually closed off. There’s a lot going on in her family and it can take a long time for her to open up and tell you how she is or what’s going on in her life. My heart aches for her. During our week at camp, I really wanted to dig in and walk with her, but getting her to open up was not going to be easy.

One evening at camp, the Gospel was clearly presented. I tried to engage with Bailey about what she heard, but instead she ran away to hide in a corner of the room and put the hood of her sweatshirt up over her face. She was clearly struggling with God and did NOT want to talk to me about it. A little while later, another Leader sat down to talk with her. Bailey accused the Leader of nagging her and physically pushed her arm so she would go away.

The Leader looked into her face and gently asked, “How many people nag you because they love you?”

Bailey replied, “You’re the only one who does.”

“God loves you that much and more. If you know Him, you know He loves you,” The Leader said.

That turned out to be a really good night for Bailey, though she outwardly seemed not to listen to the message that was presented. On the drive home from camp, Bailey started talking about God. She and the other girls in her cabin had questions about the resurrection. Her Leader encouraged her and they agreed to challenge one another to be more positive moving forward. It may be a small beginning, but it’s also a hard won victory to see this beautiful girl who spends so much time closed off be able to open up (even just a little) to God.

*Name has been changed to protect privacy.

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