Saying Yes for the First Time


Emily, a local Campus Life Director, shared this story of one of her students impacted by the love and friendship she has found through Youth for Christ…

Mia* first attended a Monday night Campus Life event in May near the end of the school year. She came with a friend and seemed very nervous. It turned out she knew several of the girls who were at club that night, some of whom are popular and influential at her high school. Not only did they talk to her that night, but the next time they saw her in the hallway at school, they made a point of saying hello to Mia. This simple, kind gesture meant so much to Mia that she texted the friend who brought her to Campus Life about it. She was just lit up.

After that, Mia became very involved in Campus Life and began to get closer and closer to God. When the opportunity to go to summer YFC Camp was announced, Mia was the first to sign up. Her family is not religious. It’s just Mia and her mom. Being at Campus Life was the first time Mia had heard the Gospel and began to wrestle with what it means for her life.

Cory* is one of the influential girls from school who befriended Mia when she came to Campus Life. At camp, she began to take Mia under her wing spiritually and mentor her. After spending some time with Cory and hearing about who Jesus is in Cory’s life, Mia took a day to process all that she had been learning about God’s love for her and who she is in Christ. She then made a decision and posted about it on social media. Her simple words brought tears to my eyes:

“I said YES to Jesus for the first time tonight. For the first time . . . Yes.”

The most amazing part? We still have two years to walk with Mia as a student.

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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