It was like any other day at a Chicago high school. Our students were arriving at school early to attend our weekly City Life Club. Then in an instant, we were being rushed into another room and told to remain silent.

The school was on lockdown. There was reason to believe someone was outside the school with a gun. Our group sat in silence until the school was declared safe.

Despite the dramatic disruption, we continued with our meeting. I was shocked to see that rather than being distracted and shaken by the chaos of the morning, the students were sober and focused. They were eager to hear the word of God and to pray for each other, their school, and their community. (The picture above was taken during our meeting.)

Sadly, our students are not strangers to facing dangers like these in their schools and neighborhoods, but I have continuously seen God use terrifying moments to touch the hearts of teenagers and draw them to Himself. I praise God for the incredible opportunity to share the hope of Christ with the young people of Chicago. He has continued to open doors for our ministry and every day more students are hearing the Gospel in their schools.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Pastor James Owolabi
City Life Director

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