Jackie's Story

When I found Campus Life I was 16, a nonbeliever, my dad had just been diagnosed with stage four melanoma, and I had no idea just how important Campus Life would become in my story. I was starving myself because I wanted to die, I wanted to feel like there was a way out of what had become a sad and toxic household, which felt more like a prison than a place of solace.

My life started to change when an acquaintance invited me to check out Campus Life. It didn't take long for Campus Life to become an escape from home and place where I felt safe and loved. That year, I attended the Spring Break trip and YFC Camp. On these trips, I felt the true joy that only God can give for the first time in my life.

I had a life-changing experience on each of these trips, but I was struggling to bring that joy home with me. Then one morning during my senior, I was stressed thinking about the day ahead of me and I quickly said a prayer. A prayer? Since when had I prayed? And just like that, I realized that I believed! Somehow, between all the frustration and moments of joy, the small groups, and the coffee dates, I had started to grasp what my leaders had been sharing with me. God had made me, I was valuable, and I was worthy of the love and forgiveness He offers.

Since then, I’ve started attending church, was baptized, and have overcome many obstacles in my life knowing Jesus is by my side. I know I would not have made it out of that dark time had I not found God through the love and support of my Campus Life community.

Youth For Christ