Stories Around The Campfire


Last week, seven students returned from our annual JJM and City Life backpacking trip. The trip was filled with hiking, swimming, and sharing stories. The students had a great time swimming in Devil’s Lake in Wisconsin, hiking overnight on the Ice Age Trail, swimming to rock islands in Lake Superior, and camping under the stars each night.

I have led many of these trips in the past, but I have never had an experience quite like this year’s trip. The excursions and hiking were great opportunities to build memories with students and for the guys to bond with each other, but nothing compared to our time around the fire each night as we shared our stories with one another. Each night, two people would share their story. For close to an hour, students would share some of the hardest moments of their lives, often through tears. This was a life-changing experience for these students and all of them are looking forward to attending next year’s trip.

We are thankful that walls came down on this trip and we look forward to continuing to build authentic Christ-sharing relationships with these guys.

Derek Polanski, JJM Director

JJMYouth For Christ