Where Everything Changes

beach photo.jpg

Something special happens to a group after experiencing YFC Camp together. A week of sharing a cabin, sharing meals together, opening up in small groups, and sharing our stories has a way of turning strangers into life-long friends. Since returning from camp, our small group of girls has been inseparable. Recently, we had a camp reunion at the beach where we reminisced about camp, laughed at our new inside jokes, and talked about life and our plans for the upcoming school year.

Going into camp, these girls were weighed down by anxiety, anger, fear, and doubts. They were carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Now, in this picture, you see a group of girls who have thrown their issues into God’s ocean of grace. Their struggles are not gone, but they now know that God is with them through it all. God used YFC Camp to transform a group of girls into a Christ-centered community filled with love and support for each other.

YFC Camp changed everything for these girls - it not only brought them closer to each other but closer to God.

Emily Barnes, Campus Life Director