The Puncher


“I have an alter ego. He’s called the puncher.”  

Jordan* doesn’t go to school with the other kids because he struggled in a formal school environment. He lives with his mom and her boyfriend and 4 sisters. Jordan is highly responsible and takes on as much as he can at home. He’s held a job for the past 9 months and he clearly wants to be a kind, self-sufficient person.

When Jordan came to us last fall he was just dropping by our Deeper Life meeting after school. He enjoyed our meeting and asked his mom if he could come with us to Campus Life. He’s been with us ever since, right in the mix of everything we do.

It didn’t take long to realize he had some interesting ideas about God, but he always seemed to resonate with our lessons and biblical teachings. His main thought about God was that we are our only hope, so we must try to live better, more functional lives. I asked him, “How’s that seem to be working out for the world”. His answer was an insightful, “Not very good considering all I’ve been through in my life” and then he began to unpack his story...

Abused. Instability... they’ve moved around a lot. Mental illness in the family, and by his own admission he struggles with two personalities. One is the guy we enjoy and the other, “The Puncher”, has an uncontrollable temper who enjoys pain. Not surprising, Jordan has also been in the juvenile system.

Over the past year, Jordan has totally changed his view of God. Through Campus Life, Jordan had the opportunity to hear the Gospel many times and has found community in two local youth groups. Jordan's journey is just beginning, but his life has already been radically changed by the truth of the Gospel. He is still learning what it looks like to live a godly life, but he has embraced God's love and forgiveness.

I’m thankful to be a part of Jordan's story and to walk through this season of life with him. Please join me in praying for Jordan and his young faith. Pray for him as he lives in a loving but difficult home situation without Christian support. Pray for our team as we lovingly walk with him through the new year.

John Cornett - LaPorte Campus Life Director

*Name has been changed