Unwanted & Unloved


Throughout the year, Campus Life students meet up at a local ice cream shop for a night of topical discussions. On our way to one of these nights, Jack* told me there was a part of his life he wanted to share with everyone. Being vague in his description, I wasn't sure what to expect. As the night began to wind down, I prompted Jack to share. He was at first very hesitant, but the rest of the students began to encourage him to share. He told us that for the past few years his family took in another family who was facing financial hardship. The entire time they were living with them the father of the family was verbally attacking Jack without his parents' knowledge. This man filled Jack's head with lies which left him feeling worthless, hated, disgusting, unwanted, and unloved. When he finished sharing, each student took a turn telling Jack how much they loved him. 

On the ride home, Jack thanked me for prompting him to share his story. He said, "I know I wouldn't have had the courage to share it if you hadn't given me that extra push. That was the first time I have told anyone about that, and it feels so freeing to finally have it off my chest." The family staying in his home has since moved out and he finally feels safe to be home again.

This typical Monday evening is a perfect picture of our mission at Youth For Christ. Jack is not a follower of Jesus, but he has consistently experienced Christ's love from Campus Life students and leaders. Through intentional and relational ministry, Jack felt safe to share his story. And by earning the right to be heard, I was able to share the Gospel with Jack by looking at God's perfect example of grace and forgiveness. Moments like these are happening every week as we engage more and more lost students in Christ-sharing relationships. Please join me in praying for Jack and the many other lost students in our ministry to experience Christ's love and surrender their lives to Him.

Jeremy Melf, Campus Life Director

*Name has been changed

Youth For Christ