Sand, Sun & the Gospel: Stories from YFC Camp


On July 7-12th high school students, staff and volunteer leaders from across greater Chicagoland and northwest Indiana joined hundreds of other YFC campers at North Bay on the banks of the Chesapeake Bay for an incredible week of fun, fellowship and Gospel encounters. Below are a few of their stories.


Sebastian* grew up in a Christian home and has attended church his whole life. He came to YFC high school camp and shared with his Cabin Leader that he has been following in his parents’ faith foot steps but wasn’t sure that faith was his own. Throughout the week, God continued to speak truth and draw Sebastian to himself. It became a personal and life changing week for Sebastian. On the way home, as he read his Bible with his Cabin Leader, he demonstrated a new readiness to grow and go deeper in his personal relationship with Christ. Sebastian has obvious leadership potential and we look forward to the great plans God has for him, and the ways His kingdom will grow because of this encounter at camp.


Tina* has a difficult life. Her father is involved with drugs. Her mom and step dad both drink heavily. She is home alone a lot and doesn’t have a healthy family dynamic. She has never experienced a Christian environment, home or church. It was a last minute addition to get Tina to camp on a scholarship. God knew how much she needed to be there. At the beginning of the week she had some walls up, but God continued to slowly break those down. Tina shared her story with her Cabin Leader, and later had a powerful encounter with Jesus on one of the last nights that week. After experiencing Christ’s overwhelming love for her, Tina finally asked, “What do I have to lose? Why wouldn’t I take a chance on Jesus?” She left camp in (happy) tears. Her Club Leaders look forward to a fun year of follow up and continuing to water the seeds planted in Tina’s life at camp.


Joss* comes from a family that doesn’t attend church or read the Bible. He worked really hard on several projects to raise enough money to go to YFC Camp this summer. Once there, Joss shared with his Leader that he has been reading the Bible on his own and he is starting to understand the story of the Gospel. “How cool is it that God’s living word is transforming lives thousands of years after being written?” he remarked. The seed that was already planted in Joss’s heart was watered as he heard the YFC camp speaker clearly present the life changing news of the Gospel. He committed his life to Jesus right there. Joss’s Club Leader is so excited to watch him grow and become a disciple of Jesus.

Please join us in praying for these precious students as they grow in relationship with God and deeper faith this coming year.

*Names changed to protect privacy.