Ministry In The South Side of Chicago

Perspective Middle School Students at Campus Life.

Perspective Middle School Students at Campus Life.

It is a great privilege to challenge teenagers in the South Side of Chicago through the teaching of God’s Word. In the midst of such a turbulent and dangerous environment, there is no greater need than offering students the hope of salvation and teaching them to follow Christ.

Through the ministry of Youth For Christ, we have the opportunity to impact over 100 students every month in our four ministry environments. Each week, we host two separate Campus Life clubs for students at Perspective Middle School and a City Life club at Perspective High School.

Every week, over 60 middle school and high school students choose to stay after school to attend our clubs in order to learn more about God’s Word. They continue to grow in their desire to learn about Jesus and what it looks like to follow Him. It has been so encouraging to see these students hungry for the Word and eager to learn more about the God who loves them.

Our fourth ministry environment is Refuge, a student ministry through our partnership with New Beginnings Church of Chicago. Not long ago, over 100 students were in attendance each week. However, due to violent behavior which caused a serious threat to the safety of students, we have had to suspend or permanently ban nearly half of the students from attending.

It has been a heartbreaking season of watching violence threaten our ministry and limit the number of students we are able to impact. Just last week, another young student, only 18 years old, was fatally shot while waiting for the bus. Her death has greatly impacted our students and continues to perpetuate fear, anger, and confusion within the community.

Students worshiping at Refuge Ministry in Chicago.

We are in constant prayer for God’s safety over the students that attend Refuge and our other ministries. We are eagerly asking the Lord to give our team wisdom on how to grow and lead our ministries in this volatile urban setting. Serving in the South Side of Chicago takes great patience, dedication, and dependence on the Lord.

Please join me in praying for God’s protection over these students, strength and wisdom for our leaders, and for God’s provision and blessing to continue to do His work.

Your prayers are deeply appreciated.

James Owolabi
Chicago City Life Director